Circus for FunK!

Photo: Matias Silmunen

Circus for FunK! is a groovy, one-woman street circus show from Finland. With a heart as warm as her homeland is cold, Marianne engages the audience with direct communication and sincere interaction. She uses rhythmic freestyle rope jumping as a manifestation of joy and adds excitement by manipulating hula hoops, skillfully spinning and juggling them. The mission is clear – leaving her audience with broad smiles and laughter echoing in their hearts. This show invites everyone to embrace life´s magic together. 

Photos from Compose-festival in Jena, Germany 2022 by Tina Peissker

Check out the groovy trailer!

Basic information:

Audience: All ages, family-friendly

Duration: 30min

Language: English, Finnish

Space requirements: optimal 5x5m, height 5m, flat platform

Download the complete dossier including technical details:

At the moment Marianne is thrilled to be traveling with the show so for bookings, click:

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