About me

Marianne is a circus artist from Finland. She graduated at the Art´s Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2019. She specialized in partner acrobatics and hula hoops – and soon after graduating, she fell in love with freestyle rope skipping.

Marianne found the joy of circus and street performing while she was spending a gap year in Rome in 2007. Creating a street show has been her dream since then.

It took a while to actually make that dream true. When she was working as a producer´s assistant at a circus festival, she realized that she just wanted to be on stage. Marianne started to train acrobatics and work as a social circus instructor and finally applied to the circus school and got in.

Marianne started her performing career at outdoor events. Very quickly, she noticed the excitement of performing on the streets as it is the most interesting and challenging stage.

Today Marianne is based in Finland and is thrilled to travel abroad with her street show.


I work as a freelancer in several duos, and trios such as Duo Fanni&Marianne, Sirkus Lilja, and Trio Kremafantastik. I´m a part of a contemporary circus company called Keho Kollektiivi.

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my disciplines

I prefer props that are simple and portable. Hoops and skipping rope meet these requirements and are always ready to use.


I joined the juggling classes at school with hoops. I like the movement and the various tricks and styles that hooping offers. I wanted to juggle with hoops and I guess that was the original reason to train with mini hoops. We trained also passing techniques in a group of five women from my class. I got so used to the mini hoops that I ended up using them in my street show.

skipping rope

In school, we used to warm up for balance classes with skipping rope. Jumping always lifts energy and mood. After graduation, I had more time to dive into freestyle skipping rope techniques. I´ve got great inspiration during the pandemic from world champion Adrienn Banhegyui from Jumpplusworld. I trained with her online and she is the choreographer of my skipping rope act Rock´n´rope.

about me on stage

​Marianne´s energy on stage is positive, playful, and uplifting. She has no problem to be laughed at and she loves to share silly moments with the audience. She uses her voice bravely and besides talking, you can hear her singing and sometimes also yodeling. She is very honest, open, and human and those are her superpowers. Outside the stage, Marianne is reliable, pedant, and an easy person to work with. She has a degree in cultural management so you can also expect her to be well organized.

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